Most of us are familiar with monthly clubs and how they work. We register for the club and in return for our time, interest, and payment, we are sent something fabulous each month.

The Maine Yarn & Fiber Supply clubs are much the same with one important difference: at One Lupine we really put the focus on fabulous. Since 2002, One Lupine Fiber Arts has been creating hand-dyed and hand-constructed accessories, apparel, home décor and more, entirely with fine natural fibers. In March of 2011, we spread our creative wings and soared into the wild, wonderful and woolly world of selling yarns and fibers.

Our shop focuses exclusively on yarns and fibers, including whole fleece in the grease or scoured. The abundant fiber resources in Maine make it possible for Maine Yarn & Fiber Supply to offer a unique, high quality, and varied selection of Maine-based yarns and fibers all in one single location.

Most notably, we have taken our years of expertise in dyeing natural fibers to the next level with Maine Yarn & Fiber Supply house yarns and rovings. With dozens of types of yarns and fibers to choose from, our fiber club will bring you the best of Maine Yarn & Fiber Supply and the best of Maine. We think you are in for a treat.