Jodi clayton, owner & designer

Jodi clayton, owner & designer

I founded One Lupine Fiber Arts in 2002. My business began with, and has grown from my deep love of wool and natural fibers. I have a rich background in knitting, spinning, felting and textile design. My business encompasses the wholesale arm of One Lupine (operating since 2003) as well as a retail store focusing on fine craft, art and apparel made in the USA and Canada. Our mission is to call attention to, support, and celebrate the very best in mindful making in North America.

We truly want you to enjoy the process of looking, seeing and selecting in our space. We hope that you are delighted, soothed and sustained by the experience. These makers, these people, friends, neighbors, family members, and strangers, are indeed the cultural glue that helps hold us together. Together we remember how it feels to create, to dream, to share, to love, and how to be fully human.

I also own and operate Maine Yarn & Fiber Supply, and unique fiber supply shop, dedicated to promoting Maine based yarns and fibers. In our sunny welcoming space your will find,  our line of house yarns and spinning fibers and my own handspun yarn, along side of such well known brands as Peace Fleece, Jagger Spun, String Theory, and more. We are not your usual yarn shop. We offer treasures and stories not found elsewhere. Our house line of Shepherds Choice yarns are all sourced directly from the Maine landscape. It is in these place based yarns and fibers that we breathe, and where we find our sustainability.

Our yarns and fibers are sold through our brick and mortar store, this website and through our monthly yarn and fiber mail order club. 

My business ethic is to promote and support American made work, local economies and endangered craft/skill sets. One Lupine works with over 200 vendors, farmers, growers and artists to create a community of creative making in New England. We host classes, workshops, wonderful retreats, art walks and more in our studio/store in Bangor, ME, and elsewhere.


The People (Lupinies)

angelrox trouser.jpeg

Cara Oleksyk- Manager: One Lupine Boutique

I love small business, particularly enterprises that focus on sustainability, community... and for selfish reasons, apparel. I see personal fashion as an expression of creative identity and I love helping others find clothing and accessories that fit their unique styles.

I spent part of my childhood and young adult years on a small farm in Maine and I studied sustainable agriculture in college; however, my passion for sustainability extends far beyond food systems. What we do at One Lupine- this is economic sustainability. We support small-production studios and makers, and we connect patrons with merchandise and fashions that carry a story.

My personal motto is go better, not bigger. I am a bit of a fanatic when it comes to recycling and reducing waste. Above all else, I believe in the power of play.

Joy Moody

Joy Moody

Joy Moody-Manager: Maine Yarn & Fiber Supply

In addition to having advanced degrees in art therapy and counseling, Joy Moody has been a lifelong artist with eclectic interests and work in a variety of mediums. Born and raised in rural New York, she was strongly influenced by her German grandmother and great-grandmother, both accomplished needle women, who taught her knitting, crochet, embroidery, needlepoint, & sewing. She is also an expert in gems and minerals, and has her own line of jewelry. “Working with the gems & metals of the earth, and working with plant and animal fibers put me in contact with the things I value most:  A connection with nature, connection with spirit, and the deep well of innate urges to create.” Now, a year round knitter, Joy has learned spinning from Jodi and happily spins on her family’s Revolutionary-era spinning wheel. She can also be seen teaching classes at One Lupine when she’s not taking care of things in the yarn shop. She was a chicken herder in a past life.  

elisha cram

elisha cram

Guest Teachers

Elisha Cram

Elisha is a designer with a sketchbook that has way more ideas in it than she could ever publish. While she mainly focuses on knitting designs, her crafting attention disorder results in the occasional published crochet pattern as well. She can normally be found knitting or spinning something, but has also been caught crocheting, felting, sewing, dyeing and binge watching Netflix. She works as a chemical engineer to support her yarn and fiber habit and lives with her fiber-tolerant family in Old Town. She desperately wants to be a herder of chickens, but sadly, a city ordinance prevents her from embarking on this endeavor.




Jenn Steingass

Jenn Steingass is  a trail blazing knitwear designer based in Maine. You can find her on Instagram, and on Ravelry as lovewool-knits.

Jenn is a master of yoked sweaters, knit in the round either top down or bottom up. Her sense of color, design, shape, and drape are a near perfect fusion of ancient designways and techniques with contemporary sensibilities.

We just love having Jenn in our space sharing her wisdom.