Benefits of Knitting

Sean the Sheep.jpg

There has been quite a buzz about the therapeutic value of knitting these days and, not surprisingly, a series of studies verifying the benefits. As a former Art Therapist (& one who also ran an occupational therapy department in a past life), I have long been aware of how our pace, senses, thoughts, experiences, and exposure to different mediums impact how we feel and how we express ourselves. For many years I had only been a Winter knitter, so it took me by surprise when I found myself knitting year round and stopped to ask myself why. It was one of those, “Well, duh!” moments as I connected with the fact that with my husband’s terminal illness, I had naturally gravitated to knitting as a stress management tool.

We now know that the rhythmic movements of knitting become a kind of meditative experience. Our blood pressure is lowered, and our heart rate slows. If we choose, we can be blessed with mindless moments where the absence of thought is a relief. For some, this is also a time when we feel at One with our Creator ~ a spiritual connection during which guidance for our life is received. For others, there is something magical about the tactile aspects of the fibers ~ those once-live-on-the-animal and now live-in-our-hands fibers that speak to us of farm, warmth, and creature comforts.

Whatever our reasons are for knitting, we can always be assured that what we knit will express who the sheep was, who we are as expressive beings, and at least one way we present ourselves to the world.

Joy Moody

MYFS Yarn Shop Manager