Knit for Yourself, Save the World

Dear Knitters,

Capelet  for my mom. They all get stuff, really.

Capelet for my mom. They all get stuff, really.

Who do you knit for? We engage in a hobby that produces and we do it because we love to pick up our needles. But who gets the stuff? Me, that’s who. Well, yeah, my husband and mother get socks every year. Sometimes a finished pair. My daughter gets socks, maybe a shawl, a hat. Sure. I do knit for other people, but mostly I knit for myself. I’m saving the world.

Spring has sprung in my sweater!

Spring has sprung in my sweater!


It all started when One Lupine opened the yarn shop portion of the business. At the time I was working on my AA and had to design patterns for the knitting portion of my degree. Jodi introduced me to Peace Fleece  and her own mission of selling Maine yarn and fiber. I went home and read the Peace Fleece story. You can find it here. Their story and Jodi’s ignited something in me. I realized I could buy yarn from people who contribute to a better global and local community. That felt great.

Here in Maine we have many indie dyers, farms that produce a variety of sheep breeds, and we have a fiber mill in Aroostook county turning out excellent quality yarn and fiber from these local farms. Indie dyers like One Lupine dye yarn and fiber in small batches with minimal processing. Low environmental impact. Transporting fiber to The County for processing creates a much smaller carbon footprint than shipping out of state. Some of the yarn I buy here at Lupine comes from other countries or regions of the US. All of it comes through a Maine distributor, not Amazon. These things matter to me. I’m saving the world. What?

Can I talk about all this even though I fall off the wagon biannually and buy a few skeins of Noro? I think I can. I’m in recovery. It’s a process.

I’m not a freedom fighter. I don’t have that kind of fire in me. I knit instead. I got this great idea to make as much of my own clothing as possible. Two winters ago I jumped in and knitted six sweaters, most from Peace Fleece. It’s warm, it’s from Maine, and Peter and Marty help small farmers all over the world without forgetting their neighbors. I just finished a sweater made from Knit One, Crochet Too's Batiste yarn that comes into Maine through a distributor in Windham.

I’m helping my neighbors and a little girl in China isn’t being exploited for my fashion sense. I wish I could say I’m making all my clothes, but swants will never be my thing. I’m starting small. My goal is to make all my tops and donate what I currently own to local organizations.

I’m knitting for myself, helping local farmers, giving my surplus to neighbors. I’m saving the world, baby! Who do you knit for?

Enjoy your day,

P.S. Thanks to The Mill Cafe in Dover-Foxcroft, Maine, for providing a lovely venue for coffee, quiche, and photo ops!