Tour de Fleece

When I first started working at One Lupine, I heard a lot of talk about spinning. Since I'm a NYC transplant, to me, spinning is a terrible idea.  When people on the subway refer to spinning, they're talking about an intense workout consisting of riding a stationary bike in a room full of other people doing the same thing, all in trendy gym outfits, soaked in sweat. The instructor wears a headset microphone so you can hear PUMP IT HARDEEEERRRR!!! over whatever antagonistic techno is playing.  

To my sweet relief, this is not what spinning means in my new world.  I still have a little word association problem, but the more I learn about fiber in all its capacities, "spinning" evokes a pleasant feeling, albeit one of relative oblivion because I've not yet attempted to do it myself. 

Funny thing...Tour de Fleece parallels the Tour de France, which is presumably what scary-urban-gym-spinning is based on.  The Tour de Fleece runs from the 4th to the 26th of July, and One Lupine has a whole bunch of fun planned.  Danielle Baupree has organized workshops and activities for everybody who would like to participate.  Things start in June, which is so soon! Below is the link to the information we have thus far. In the mean time, if I work up the courage to try my hand at happy-meditative-yarn-spinning, I'll surely let you know.