Our gallery is filled with  of high-quality, hand-crafted, and American made work. From beautiful, and functional pottery, and jewelry to drop dead fabulous apparel, we are committed to bringing you the very best there is.   We are proud to be told that we have grown to be the go-to spot in our area for that special gift, or outfit

Maine Yarn & Fiber Supply, as you may have guessed, is where the makers go.  We specialize in a wide array of spinning, felting, and now, weaving fiber. We are also home to the largest selection of Maine sourced and based yarn, and fiber in the state. Maine Yarn & Fiber Supply has its own line of yarn, ranging from lace weight to bulky. We are especially proud of our Shepherds Choice line. This yarn & fiber is sourced from local farms, one fleece at a time. I grade each fleece to determine its best use, then either set it aside to be sold as a hand spinning fleece, or blend it with others to be spun into custom yarn. These yarns are often single farm, breed specific creations, designed to compliment the fibers natural attributes. Much like small vineyard wines, these carefully curated, agricultural products, are limited in quantity and cannot be repeated. They are truly special, and will result in wonderful one-of-a-kind projects. 

All of the yarn and fiber under our label are available either as natural colors, or are hand dyed or painted in our on-site studio. A few years ago we moved our yarn shop up to street level, right next to our boutique, where there's plenty of sunshine, high ceilings, and square footage for all of the fiber.  

We also offer a wide selection of classes throughout the year, as well as retreats. Please visit our "Classes & Retreats" page to learn more.


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