Our Story

It's about making: fine art, craft, and fashion from American hands. One Lupine Fiber Arts has grown out of my love for wool and my respect for the rich history of textile development and design. Hand felting is an ancient artistic tradition used in every corner of the world to create shelter, clothing, fine art, and more. I draw upon a variety of design techniques to create my finished work and felting kits.  One Lupine products are comprised of fiber from sheep raised in Maine, by growers who value their flocks, and are committed to rural living in Northern New England.

Our Commitment

I purchase my wool as raw fleece and hand process it to create the washed, dyed, combed and spun fiber found in my kits and finished work. This hand processing ensures that no two kits are exactly alike, and each finished piece is unique. The finished work is durable, beautiful and welcoming, adding a distinctive and inviting touch to any space. Hand felting itself is easy and fun, providing an excellent opportunity for artistic expression for anyone, at any age. Working with wool is, by definition, an exercise in sustainability, utility and balance. It is one of the many ways to live artfully in this world. Be well and enjoy.

General Information

Our store specializes in work that is handmade in America. We carry jewelry, apparel, and gifts, all made by artists who are as passionate about their work as we are about ours.